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9:28 PM 8 August 2014
 Recently, The Economist magazine reported (see  here ) that Richard Barwell of the Ro...

6:47 AM 15 April 2014
  One of the most crucial aspects of successfully quantifying or backtesting  a strate...

8:08 PM 8 December 2013
zero hedge: Everything You Wanted To Know About Equity Market Valuations (And Didn't Know To...

8:10 AM 4 November 2013

3:26 PM 29 October 2013
In their excellent paper, Cole Wilcox and Eric Crittenden explore whether or not trend followin...
Talk Entries - Investor/Trader coffee shop discussions
    Replies Views
Topic ETN vs ETF with same (common) underlying
Last post by Johan about 1 year ago
1 5683
Topic ETF liquidity Ratio
Created about 1 year ago by smyeni
0 2270
Topic Data Service Providers
Created about 1 year ago by AllanDL
0 1998
Topic Good asset manager in the UK
Created about 1 year ago by Johan
0 5038
Topic Terminal Velocity
Last post by Jalarupa about 1 year ago
2 27676
Topic Mean Reversion Trading
Last post by Jalarupa about 1 year ago
1 30141
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For d...

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