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Event Officers
Gary Stone (leader)
Event Details
Event Information
Event Name Mechanical Trading courses
Event Description This course is aimed at traders rather than investors.

International speaker Gary Stone will discuss “How to become empathetic with the market”
Do you struggle with executing trades?
Don’t action stop losses?
Lack faith in your system/trading ability?
Never feel confident enough to read a chart?
Try and force your view onto the market?

The market is an environment like no other and as active investors our thinking needs to align itself to the way the market behaves. Gary Stone will challenge the way you think in this 90 minute presentation on “How to become empathetic with the market” and understand the use of mechanical systems within the trading environment.

Don’t miss the presentation as he will explain why such thinking is necessary and also provide practical actions that will help you transition to think and act from the markets perspective rather than from a societal perspective.

This is not to be missed as Gary is recognised as a world class international speaker who has worked with traders such as Mark Douglas, author of Trading in the Zone.

Event Date/Time 23 August 2010 8:07 AM to 27 August 2010 9:07 AM
Host Gary Stone
Location Major Centres - Joburg X2 Cape Town and Durban.

Only for Standard OST clients - details in their website.
Event Type Training