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Posted 3 year(s) ago by Antonk *
687 views, 0 comments
 Had my Ipad stolen in Europe yesterday.  Got it locked and email from US with location and nice ? live photo where it was! &#...
Posted 3 year(s) ago by Antonk *
992 views, 0 comments
People spend hundreds, if not thousands, on products they don't need. They might seem like small costs, but they can add up. Simple ...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Michael Melvill
1067 views, 0 comments
Financial markets are far different today than the markets were in 1949 when Benjamin Graham wrote The Intelligent Investor . Here...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Antonk *
1527 views, 2 comments
Many investors’ account statements are now awash in a sea of red ink as a global bear market has mauled stocks. Some investors are fl...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Antonk *
849 views, 0 comments
    If having a Gold, Platinum etc. Credit Card becomes a status symbol like a Merc or BM - then this might be for you!...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Stuart Thompson
1192 views, 0 comments
Easy guideline - 15 rules to try and follow   Cheers Stuart     All 15 in one pdf:- user_uploads/15 tips on how...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Stuart Thompson
1090 views, 0 comments
Note - The Daily Ticker is no relation...   Granted, the stock market is a casino analogy is a cliche. But the truth is it's bee...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Stuart Thompson
7843 views, 0 comments
  We are spoilt for choice on the JSE, with toward 6 trillion rands worth of shares to choose from. That represents an asset class...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Ticker Talk
1773 views, 0 comments
  You may be investing or trading or both, but you will sometimes find far more info coming at you than you can use.   ...
Posted 4 year(s) ago by Nicholas Esterhuysen
880 views, 6 comments
Hi,   I'm looking for any recommendation for trading futures from your smartphone.  I know this may sound like a disaster in...