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Posted: 6 September 2011 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Research


The rugby world cup starts soon in New Zealand. The Springboks have been selected, polished and shipped, so now the ball is in their court – and it should be interesting. I do admire fans who only plan to travel across for late matches – do they insure their fare? As the Cup unfolds, it may be fun to look out for parallels between our rugby team’s approach and results and our national economic  culture (if there is one). Would you buy shares in SA Rugby if you could? The playing team only, or the whole business?
Possible examples:-
Players showing an eagerness to be seen to obey the ref // a country that likes a heavily regulated business environment…
Lots of shouting the odds at the ref and linesmen // …but prefers favourable treatment under those regulations
A bias to picking the largest players in all positions // we favour bigger businesses – assuming they will deliver better value than little ones
Leadership from older senior players // respect for elders, perhaps some fear of innovation and dislike of cockiness?
Intrigue between on-field leader and off-field intervention // role definition and delegated authority that could be improved, but good willingness to explore research findings
Rapid player call-ups and send-homes on injury // fantastic depth of resource (one hopes not avoision of testing for substance abuse)  
A very substantial management and expert consulting team relative to team size // a high overhead economy – diligent doers, but lots of passengers, talkers and middle managers
Lots of public and media critique of players and officials before during and after games // did you see the grilling of the new top Judge
Public getting urged to “get behind our boys”, wear green etc // Bald face of capitalism – its not news that the “belongers” are the largest psychographic profile in most segmentations , and we can see as per Pirates, K Chiefs  Man Utd etc that it works. Would be more honest if they punted “Merchandise Mondays” rather than Football Fridays, though.
Bizarre intensity of send-off before the tour // Sponsor ABSA is a professionally managed risk averse bank – why wait if the boys might come home like Graeme Smith did? ( Read Keohane in Business Day for good perspective on the send-off)

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