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Posted: 21 June 2011 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Market news

OK - so Mr Julius malema's (highly skilled) demagoguery* has got lots of "haves" very unsettled. (*demagoguery means whipping up populist sentiment without indulging in rational discourse).


And the JSE is back where it was 3 months ago. And Porsche sales in SA are at a record - so the top is smiling. And the rollout of BIG (basic income grant) and national healthcare are making life better for millions at the bottom.


But middle people are edgy - about their suburban bungalows, about their leisure farms and seaside cottages, about their mines and mineral rights, about their portfolios of Simmer & Jack futures - about their very right to live a life to which they have been accustomed.


So what to do?


I gather that Helen Zille devalues the torrent of tweets bewailing our future, by intimating that Malema's biggest impact will be to catalyse a new order - and may one say that given the failures of the current order this seems needed.


I gather that a Zambian minister decalares that that country cannot afford nationalisation - and boy have they tried it!


So what do you expect - given that the "new" SA system is almost 18 - an age where it can legitimately be demanded to start showing more accountability - and to start "tidying its room" as would any other entity approaching the age of matriculation?


Will we see:-


- A Mugabesque power-grab, with a full pursuit of recent Zimbabwean glories over the next decade?

- A decisive move by the current (Zuma) adminisration to seize back control and the airwaves - offering the youth more than Malema's bluster?

- a new political order where the DA and the Young Lions oppose the current ANC on either side?

- a subtly US-backed new candidate lead us and our mineral-base back to Washington influence, away from the current Asian creep?


What do you really think?






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