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Posted: 18 June 2012 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

So the Greek election has gone the way of pro Euro Zone parties, albeit with no majority New Democracy and Pasok are going to have to try and form some sort of government. Good news, but it doesn't really solve the problem - it just keeps them in Europe.

On Tuesday at 13h00 Warren Peacock will be presenting on Position sizing for traders . This is a critical subject and we've done a couple of videos on it already, so you can get up to speed here. I always state that discipline is the most important aspect of trading, but discipline to what? Well part of that discipline is risk management and position sizing; Warren will help us understand how to ensure we have the correct position size.

Warren is also doing a two-day workshop in Johannesburg at the end of June, you'll find details here and if you are interested in attending contact him here (don’t forget to ask for a JustOneLap discount).

It has been a week of technical challenges from every direction. Our JSE Power Hour: Does Greece Matter video was of zero quality so we're going to rerecord it in the week ahead and will upload it as soon as it is done.

Alwyn did us another Starting in FX video, but he had serious system problems just as we went live and had to revert to a backup machine; the result was average quality audio, but it is manageable and still well worth a listen. That said, the content is great as he give some simple ideas around starting life as a FX trader.

Coming up

Tuesday 19 June at 1pm - Position sizing for traders

Monday 25 June at 8pm - Discounted Free Cash Flow (DCF) Model

Monday 2 July at 8pm - Trading commodities without currency risk

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