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Posted: 28 November 2011 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

Our vote for the best instrument for local traders without a doubt goes to the ALSI index futures; cheap, highly liquid and tight spreads with enough volatility to make a profit intra-day or on an end of day system. Of course novice traders should learn to walk before they run, as lack of strategy or discipline here will result in losses in double quick time. To help people get ahead with the ALSI we have a number of videos here and we’ll be adding a lot more in 2012 (strategic and practical).
For those not interested in trading, we have a bunch of videos on investing from the simple (the JOL Momentum Portfolio, which is massively out preforming the index) to the more advanced, starting with the Four Pillars of Fundamental Investing. You can check out the list of fundamental videos here.
The week ahead starts on Monday at 20h00 with Keith Mclachlan’s last webinar for the year, covering Price Earnings Model - practical. The example he’ll be using is Pick n Pay and this webinar follows on from his earlier Price Earning (PE) Model webinar, as part of his look at different valuation models. We also have more videos for online viewing and downloading on the PE ratio – find them here.
Then on Tuesday at 13h00 we will be doing a webinar on Trading ALMI index futures (mini ALSI). The ALMI tracks its bigger brother, the ALSI, but at one-tenth the risk (and reward). As such, it is a perfect training ground for those new to index futures or those wanting to test new strategies or their own discipline.

Coming up

Monday 28th Nov at 8pm - Price Earnings Model - practical

Tuesday 29th Nov at 1pm - Trading ALMI index futures (mini ALSI)

Thursday 8th Dec at 5.30pm - JSE Power Hour: Investing in a recession

Week that was

FX Correlation trading

Trading ALSI index futures

Money tip

Everybody knows that they need to save – it is an absolute given. But the first savings we need to tackle is our short-term debt. Your credit card debt is likely to be costing you around 18% (or even more), so by paying off this debt as quickly as possible you essentially earn the 18% you would otherwise be charged on the debt. So before you start saving, clear all that short-term debt – credit cards, store cards and overdraft - then when they’re paid up get rid of the cards and start your savings plan with a clean slate.


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